Parc Botannia Showflat Builds Employment Opportunities Apart from Marking Itself a Perfect Place to Call Home

Parc Botannia

Holding the position of the top bidder in actual Estate Parc Botannia facilitates the most suitable service to all its citizens added together with the advantage of preserving its proximity to the Housing Sports and Recreation Center, Sengkang General Hospital, Rivervale Mall, Rivervale Plaza, Nan Chiau High, Punggol Park Connector and the Seletar Mall.

It's a close link to this Thanggam LRT, being situated directly next to it and making it extremely accessible by the general public transport. Also close by is your Jalan Kayu food road and Seletar Restaurant that brings forth lots of food choices as it has lines of shopping stalls.

With the completion of this entire area, there's an estimate of more than 10,000 jobs generation is to take place that is likely to provide highly-skilled employment chances. Parc Botannia is undoubtedly among the most attractive areas, and there is an assurance that there will not be an exorbitantly high cost.

The programmers of parc botannia have made efforts in addressing all the environmental and public issues while constructing the Estate which has resulted in developing a positive image of the building market. The programmers of Parc Botannia are not only involved with the residential property but also deals with commercial and industrial real estate development while keeping in mind all the requirements and requirement of every area. To receive extra information on parc botannia showflat please go to parcbotannia.

Quality and available health care service is just one of the essential requirements, and also the hospital caters a convenient support for the occupants in the North-eastern region. Possessing that Parc Botannia has closeness to the famed shopping malls, the best health care hospital along with having advantage in transportation to nearby channels that the Estate is bound to receive huge customers.

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